Dance Clothes

The whole concept of street dancing in particular seem to be one-sided.
No flexibilities for other looks... Most people go with just a big shirt and sweatpants or jeans...
Shows are performed typically in neo color or just the easy contrast with Black & white, and other catchy, flashy, ...etc
There are sometimes...those earth nature look as well, but being female, I know we should do better!
Are we just skanky or tough? Nooo. We have that sensitive side of us, which makes us so different with men, so sensational.

I am not against the scene at all but I am thinking, if we want to spread the world of fascination of dancing..., there should be all kinds of originality within the clothes you wear.

why not wear this in shows?

I LOVE Alexander Wang's outfit... although it is high price, it would be nice to see if street can go a bit more upscale in fashion wise.

I am not a ballerina nor a jazz dancer, but I do dig those ballerina-ish clothes.


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