Shaken neighborhood

     As many of you know by now, the earthquake was disastrous in the northern part of Japan, 
and Tokyo as even as it shook like never before of what Ive experienced..., 
we did not get that much damage besides the transportations and cell phones that stopped. 
I did spend the whole night under the desk of my office, 
which was probably the best I can do for that time.
 I heard some people walked literally for 4 hours from work to their homes... 

When I finally got home 24 hours after the quake, I saw...

no foor in the area..

wrecked roads..

roads of river

muddy house

muddy cars

sunk houses

Yes this happen close to disneyland. and disneyland obviously wasn't open today.

The water pipe broke underneath with the strong quake, which stopped our bathrooms, toilets, sink, etc.
Also since we live in s residence where the land is man-made, mud rose up breaking through the concrete grounds which heavily changed the forms of roads and tilted houses.

husband carrying wife

water over mud over broken roads

my crooked house.


well at least it wasn't worse.