Dear friends,
After being inactive for several months, I have decided to take part back into dance shows once again.
Please if you may, I have two shows with my battle partner Marina, and another two following up with my lady from B@ckyard Betty, Mikko.

I would like to use this page to promote the specifications of the parties.

The first is.....4/22 Cross Draft, all night party at club Axxcis, Shibuya.
The guest dancers are the famous well-known dancers gathered within Tokyo, in both Hip Hop and House. We are fortunate and blessed to be listed along with them, and would be very happy if you can make it! I will be performing with Marina the first time, even though we have been battle partners for quite some while.

Second is an evening party at club Ance, yoyogi, 4/23 during the evening.
I am happy to say that Shantell, one of my favorite artists performing as well. I will be performing freestyle with my team partner from B@ckyard Betty, Mikko.
This party has live performances with digital art, and I encourage the artistic crowd to join us, for some inspirational moments.

And if you can only come weekends, and during the day, then I am delighted to say I can suggest you with this following event. 4/24(sat), at the famous club Warehouse in Azabujuban, again with B@ckyard Betty's Mikko.
This particular event is an OB OG event of the dance members of Keio University. A lot of them were raised in New York like I was, and so if anyone is looking for a urban subtle yet fancy dance performances, I am sure you will like it.

Finally, this one I will do with my battle partner marina again, dancing house. 4/24 all- night party-I.T.T.
This is a event looong going way before I entered my University. However, this I.T.T is a special event additionally organized for special selected performances.
The Genre is hip hop, house, jacking, and other free movements. As it has newly began in Daikanyama, the event has a different vibe, and I guarantee it is worth checking out.
My friends, Life less Ordinary and Twinner are performing as well, so I am particularly excited about this event as well.

if any of you can come to one of these events, please feel free to contact me and I will list you as discount guests.
I would be more than happy to meet all of you, and hope this brings a chance for me to see my old friends.



Dance Shoes.. "MENARI"

When it comes to street dancing, most dancers think.. "sneakers"

My old friends who started the dance scene can't live without them.
Of course, there are one of those "can't-live-withouts" for guy's.

My idea, is... what about girls?? As long as there's a great performance in them...., it shouldn't matter if there sneakers or not.
There is one pair of shoe.... which I adore when it comes to dance.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

This shoes in particular is exactly what i was looking for, and I have been ACTIVELY house/hip hop dancing with it since it has been out in stores.
Now I am a loyal user, having 7 pairs with 3 different colors. Of course, this comes from my awareness that it might not be in any market in the future. There is a great deal of convenience, and most of all, excellence in performance.

One of my goals is to have ADIDAS by STELLA MCCARTNEY make more stocks of those shoes, so I can spread the word to all the fancy ladies out there.

Dance Clothes

The whole concept of street dancing in particular seem to be one-sided.
No flexibilities for other looks... Most people go with just a big shirt and sweatpants or jeans...
Shows are performed typically in neo color or just the easy contrast with Black & white, and other catchy, flashy, ...etc
There are sometimes...those earth nature look as well, but being female, I know we should do better!
Are we just skanky or tough? Nooo. We have that sensitive side of us, which makes us so different with men, so sensational.

I am not against the scene at all but I am thinking, if we want to spread the world of fascination of dancing..., there should be all kinds of originality within the clothes you wear.

why not wear this in shows?

I LOVE Alexander Wang's outfit... although it is high price, it would be nice to see if street can go a bit more upscale in fashion wise.

I am not a ballerina nor a jazz dancer, but I do dig those ballerina-ish clothes.